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Taking the first step in obtaining your GED and creating your pathway to success is admirable. There are many options made available to people who graduate from high school or get their GED.  For example, the ability to go to college or technical school, more job opportunities, and enter the military are some.


In this program, the GED preparation course is tailored to participants' academic level to help them develop the skills needed to pass the official GED test.

To get your GED, you will be required to take a test that consists of four sections (Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science). Information about the GED test.


Participants enrolled in the program can establish life-changing relationships with a mentor. Through individual and group tailored mentoring. Participants will get the encouragement, tools, and support they need to overcome barriers and be successful.

Together at the Top


Math Class

Participants enrolled in the program will have tutors available to them in all subject areas. There are two options available and participants can select the method based on their learning styles.

  • In-person tutoring (suspended due to COVID-19)

  • Virtual tutoring 



Participants will receive the tools to set goals for after they receive their GED. This process is to get them to think about their future and explore options to continue on their journey to success and become self-sufficient.  Participants can take courses and learn more about the following opportunities:

  • College/Technical/Trade School Preparation

    • Prepare individuals who are interested in furthering their education.

    • Provide scholarships for books/supplies once enrolled in college/technical school

  • On-the-Job Training Preparation​​

    • Help participants explore career paths​

    • Provide scholarships for work-related supplies and uniforms





Participants will have the opportunity to participant in various courses to help remove barriers and so they can work towards achieving success.  The courses will challenge participants to look at situations differently so they can do something different to get a different outcome. The courses will help participants recognize the power they have to change their future.


Participants will have the opportunity to participant in various courses to learn about financial literacy. So many black, brown and indigenous people of color lack the basic foundational skills and knowledge around financial education. The courses will challenge participants to look at their financial situations and devise a plan to financial freedom, starting with opening a bank account to creating a budget, etc. The courses will help participants recognize the spending power they have/don't have and to gain the skills to change their future financially.



Participants may not want to go to college, trade/technical school, or participate in an apprenticeship program.  This program is geared for participants who want to start a business and need guidance in creating a business plan, establishing a business structure, and meeting with a mentor.